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City Night Carnage is a first-person survival horror in the setting of a night city. Make your way through the city blocks filled with terrible creatures from nightmares. Find weapons and ammunition, first-aid kits and mysterious records that reveals what is happening here. But most important is to find a key in the apartments of the neighborhood that will help you avoid a deadly encounter with HIM!

Game Features:

  •  Find weapons and ammunition to fight the disgusting monsters that drool on you.
  •  Explore the city blocks to find clues that shed light on the horrors that are happening.
  •  Look for components for crafting ammo, first-aid kits and weapon upgrades that will help you defeat the nightmare creatures.
  •  Several districts of the city each you will have to pass to get home.
  •  An original soundtrack from a talented composer will help you feel the full weight and heaviness of the oppressive atmosphere of the events.
  •  Plan your route carefully, beware of dark areas because HE can wait for you in any shadow. The end will be quick and bloody then...

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Install instructions

Cycling through messages on the phone with arrows keys


City Night Carnage.zip 78 MB


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hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘

Hi! Big thanks for playing!

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Not bad, not bad at all! Kinda needs some information on WHAT is in my inventory. Had a few spooks when the bug guy comes and kept expecting something inside the closet to come running at me lol. Excellent job!

Thanks for your opinion and feedback!

the e button to enter the code doesn't work for me

Hello. Does it work for other actions?

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so good shooter

Fantastic! I was fully invested in the demo! First time, I've actually seen the demo be a demo, which is demonstration for the game and not only gameplay. Loved it. Good luck with the Kickstarter, I did my best to advertise the game. Hope the gameplay helps.